Want To Get Extra Credits to use for Promotion?

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If you want to get extra credits to use for promotion join a few good safelists and traffic exchanges.

Safelists and Traffic Exchanges

An example of a Traffic Exchange

  1. Safelist Extreme.  When you join (for free) Safelist Extreme you get the following as a new member:
    “YOU Can Blast Your Ad To 30,000 Double-Optin Subscribers
    EVERY Single Month at Zero Cost. On Us Starting NOW!
    No Obligation EVER…
    In addition you get ->>
    => 50,000 Mailing Credits!
    => Mail at not cost!
    => Free Promotion For Any Affiliate Program you are in.”

When you are not in a position to do paid traffic, Safelists and Traffic Exchanges are a good place to start. In some cases the membership is huge and for clicking on other members email you acrue credit to use for setting up your campaign.

If you are like me when I first started, you may be wondering what is a campaign. Simply put a campaign is a sales letter or email talking briefly and to the point what the business you want to promote is about. Now not many persons are good at writing sales letter or copywriting, but you learn by paying attention to what others write and in the process you pick what makes sense or grab your attention and use that as your guide.

Safelists are named that because you are basically promoting your products or business to the members of that particular Safelist or Traffic Exchange you joined without spamming them. You in return receive email from these members. Inevitably, if you have a product offer that appeals to a member visiting your link, they will click on it, read, follow through and you are very likely to gain a prospect or lead.

None of this I knew or understood when I began network marketing. I sat for hours trying to figure out what it all meant. The only thing I could associate a campaign with was politics. That I understood! I simply could not wrap my head around campaign and network or online marketing. Not wanting to sound silly or feel foolish I never asked, and if I did, it was explain from a perspective that I understood the jargon used. Now it is much different.

The Internet and technology has evolved to a point where you should feel free and unencumbered in asking “silly questions.” That is how you learn. Being a member of a team where you feel comfortable in discussing things definitely help.  There are a few marketers online who will gladly walk you through doing some marketing tips.

Of course there is also Youtube videos which you can use for your research into whatever you wish to know. Watching a few videos on the same subject will give you a good feel for what you can put into practice, as presentations differ from person to person.

I hope you get some value from the above and I invite you to check out Safelist Extreme, collect your credits and begin to promote your business.

Cosmos Parris



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