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News! Breaking News and more News! 

Below I will share with you updates with a company I am proud to be a part of, as my Primary business.

I am a part of a company that is compliant, have expanded into the International market and have acquired 3 companies so far.  Now these acquired companies have researched,  followed and a approached this company of which I am a part and said they wanted in. They liked what they found.  Now they are on board with their own countries’ legally compliant team and have pooled with our legally compliant team.

This statement is important to note as when you join me in this business, you get all the updates and neccessary information to follow the rules. If you don’t you will not be asked to leave, you will be terminated unceremoniously… Some members have been. That! is how serious this is.

What Company am I talking about?


The company is bent on not having its reputation tarnished and wil remain compliant. Let me repeat IPRONetwork do not sell cryptocurrency. They are not investors nor brokers. Want to buy Crypto? Go to one of the exchanges.

Have you been following my blog on  you will see that I explained the details to peak your interest. 

I can hear you saying get to the poin! What is the News?  Here it is.  But I have more!

Procurrency To Be Featured on Financial News Networks such as CNN, Fox News…on SinglePoint’s National TV Campaign Led by Spokesperson Kevin Harrington

The story behind Kevin Harrington’s involvement

Kevin Harrington built his own reputation and continues to so do. My understaning in a nutshell ( I was not there) is that he attended IPRONetwork’s first event along with John C. Maxwell who spoke on leadership. By the end of the conference Kevin Harrington wanted in because he recognized where IPRONetwork was headed. He has single-handedly promoted and introduced IPRONetwork around the Globe. And, continues to so do.

Negative Reviews

At the outstart their were some negative reporting/reviews about IPRONetwork which I am sure you have seen and read. We are all entitled to our opinions, right!  Now I wonder what the few who negatively wrote would now report.  I chose, with the help of my IPRONetwork partner Carl Haavalsden, to join and did some internal research. Boy, Am I glad I did!

So, the next bit of Breaking New!

On Monday January 15, 2018 we are expecting the launch of a set and forget e-Trade software. 

A bit about this software


There is no guaranteeing that you will make money, but of note is the fact that the algorithm of this software has been tried and tested with good results. This software gives you options. You can set and forget and you can trade manually.  There will be etrading classes/information to guide you.

In Conclusion

IPRONetwork has gone Internationally viral due to many factors, some of which I am not at liberty to state as yet, until I get permission. It will all become transparent as soon as all the necessary coding is completed.

The International Mall will be launching soon. The acquired companies’ products will be in the Mall and they are all top quality, high end products, which when purchased with  procurrency, the currency of choice, will earn you deep discounts. Remember your reward points should be converted to procurrency for use. The details of how to do that you will find within the system when you join.

E-Trade software is expected to launch on Monday 15, 2018.

Kevin Harrington is seriously promoting this business in which he believes.

Most importantly Our Team have  Zoom mastermind meetings Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays  at  1:00 P.M. EST  

Join  our Zoom and let us help Clarify and guide you.  When you stop by Just say Hi Cosmos and I will know that you have read my blog.  Please leave a comment below.

Here is the Access link:
Meeting ID 382-154-665

Or inbox, direct message me on any of my social media below

See you later!

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