Living The Dream On Your Terms

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Have you ever sat quietly and pictured your lifestyle, living the dream on your terms?

Living in the moment of your achievement…a wonderful experience, just letting your imagination take flight, and wondering how to make it happen?

We all want to live life on our terms. Not doing the 9-5 just being our own boss.

You want to have the freedom of doing what you want when you want, spend more time with your family, more time for yourself, travel the world, finding new places or just sitting quietly in a place of your choice reading a book you enjoy. No fuss, no worry about financial issues.

You’re looking for MORE. Whether it’s more income from building a business, more fulfilment through being able to quit your job …or more time to spend doing the things you enjoy being able to live the dream on your terms.

What if I could show you a way to make this happen..create your own lifestyle? Is your dream big enough, deep enough for living the dream on your terms?

How does this work?

Imagine being able to earn  from the following:

  • Direct Sales
  • Indirect Sales from Binary
  • Matching a Percentage of a Person’s Binary Income
  • Earn Leadership Bonuses by Ranking Up


Would you not want to be a part of this income stream?

There are different levels of membership and as a Retail Customer you  play an important
role in iPN’s Direct Sharing Economy but you are not considered a member.

If you want to be classified as a member within the IPN platform you have to be at one of four levels of membership.

As a Free member you get the Shopping App to use when you go shopping earning  rebate rewards from the over 4,000 stores in the USA.

But…You  cannot earn Direct Sales Bonus by selling products, nor will you earn team bonuses or commissions from the team.

Active Member means that you have purchased  a eProfit System package and paid the annual $50 activation OR only purchased the annual ISA Activation.  You…

Can earn rebate rewards
Earn Direct Sale Bonuses by selling any of the eProfit System Packages
Binary Volume ONLY accumulates for the first 30 days after you register

Unable to earn team bonuses or commissions from team

Active ISA  is an Active member who sells, for the first time, one of the eProfit System Packages. You…

Can earn rebate rewards
Earn Direct Sale Bonuses through selling  any of the eProfit System pPackages
Binary Volume ONLY accumulates for the first 30 days after you register

Unable to earn team bonuses or commissions from team

Your status now changes from member to ISA

Premium Active ISA – An Active ISA becomes a Premium Active ISA when you personally
make 2 sales of eProfit System Package, with a minimum sale of $100 (100pv) on the left and $100 (100pv) on the right of the binary.  You…

Can earn rebate rewards
Earn Direct Sale Bonuses by selling products
Qualified to accumulate and store Binary volume beyond 30 days after you register
Earn team bonuses and commissions from team sales

Imagine first earning 10% commision on every product you sell.  You get this opportunity by becoming an ISA for the annual fee of $50 and selling any of the products.

Selling the required two (2) eProfit packages you can then from your earning upgrade to the highest level your sales efforts allow.

Whatever level eProfit package you are able to purchase it will include those packages that fall below your purchase. For example: If you purchased the the iBuyrite store package included will be the basic and AsInspector which falls below.

This is how you can be living the dream on your terms. Your income from sales once you become a Premium ISA is residual and goes deep.

One of the benefits of purchasing the iBuyrite eProfit package is that any Niche within, that you choose comes fully loaded with high end products. Compared to Shopify, you don’t have to go searching for products to stock your store.

It is already set up for you. You simply pick a store, brand it  and start selling. A real Turnkey Solution. For a monthly fee your store sales and delivery are managed for you and the proceeds go directly to your Bank account.  This can be managed from anywhere around the Globe.

If you want to know more Watch this short video  – there are 3 and contact me 




Cosmos Parris




*Throughout this iPN Compensation plan document any income stated is hypothetical or based on a per sale basis, and
is not indicative or representative of income that any specific participant may earn. iPro Network makes no
representations or guarantees of specific earnings or earning potential. iPro Network has no historical data available
from which to provide earnings representations.





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