Life Changing Promotion and Momentum!

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Life changing promotion and momentum happening now through to January 31, 2018.

There are so many things happening in the background that Procurrency is about to explode the market as the next usable retail cryptocurrency.

What is this about? 
There are 
a number of packages which when purchased gets you 100% thank you reward points which can then be converted to Procurrency.  Ipronetwork has acquired 3 companies which will be on the IPRONetwork Mall and Edge Klub when launched. Among them are  One Fashion Global and Meltology Skin Care Line.  Also the set and forget auto trading software coming soon.

The algorithm of this software has been tested for the past 5 years and when purchased is owned by you! It sits on your computer.  Not a company that has top traders/the very best traders who do the trading for you. That is great! But… Therein lies the difference!

How to get your Bonus – The Options

Register with IPRONetwork.

  1. Pay the yearly ISA  Admin  activation fee of $50 and you can promote and sell any of the packages and earn 10% commission when you sell 2 products, one on the left and one on the right, it activates all other incomes.  You don’t have to own a product to sell the eProfit System packages and earn commission. And…Sales of  $30,000 by January 31, 2018 will get you your Bonus… $5,000
  2.  Pay the yearly admin activation fee. Purchase one of our eProfit System packages, get 100% reward points as a thank you, promote and sell any of the packages, earn 10% commission, and the sale of two products, one on the left and one on the right will activate all other incomes.   Make sales of  $30,000 by January 31, 2018 and get  your Bonus.
  3. Note:  If you do not pay the Independent Sales Associate (ISA) Admin Activation fee but purchased an eProfit System package or any other product, You can  a) earn rebate but  b) will not earn Direct Sale Bonuses by selling products nor c) be able to earn team bonuses or commissions from team.

For the next two days your Thank you reward points for purchasing a eProfit System  package  will be at 2.3 cents per point. It is a good deal considering IPRONetwork do not sell cryptocurrency, and the points  are Free to you, for conversion to procurrency. The procurrency is for the primary purpose of purchasing goods and services on the Mall and other platforms. OR you can just hold on to it. It is yours to do with as you wish.

Let us not fool ourselves. As the procurrency price goes up there will be day traders who will be speculating and  the coin most likely will fluctuate. Like bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies it will level out because the ecommerce platform around which it is built will create usability and you will begin to appreciate the value of being a part of IPRONetwork. This has gone International and very compliant. IPRONetwork’s legal team is now working closely  with the legally compliant teams in their respective countries.

You may think of all this newness as the era of the paper money before the advent of credit cards, and wire transfers. In this case it is now moving to cryptocurrencies, the disruptive stage.

The Momentum

The momentum is building and already we see a rise in procurrency. For those of us already in IPRONetwork there is an excitement filled with expectancy because we know what is coming with the range of products. This business has been one of patience and dedication, building each step on a strong and solid foundation. It was never about overnight success. It is built to last evolving confidently into the future.

Each  package comes with training information on how to and you work with what you can afford at the moment. The happening is now!  The bigger the package, the greater the thank you reward points which then may be converted to procurrency. Here is the cool thing about these packages…when you upgrade you pay for your next level less the cost of the previous purchase. The higher cost packages when purchased comes with all the lower cost package. And of course a greater 100% thank you in reward points.


While I will continue to feed information to you about IPRONetwork, its points and  currency of choice for its goods and services, life is changing. It is happening Now! The Promotion, the Momentum building with the Mall, International companies that chose to join IPRONetwork bringing along their over 250,000 members and the thank you reward which will eventually cost more thereby giving less thank you points.  It would not surprise me if this thank you reward fades out by the end of 2018. We are in for some exciting times and I for one am glad that I am a part of this movement that is here to stay.

Want to know how to be a part of this momentum that is building? Need more information?

Go Here!  And connect with me

Cosmos Parris





6 thoughts on “Life Changing Promotion and Momentum!”

  1. Cosmos – Excellent article. Every detail included to help even the novice understand what is being offered as well as the urgency to get started NOW! I wish you success!

    1. Thank you Walter. It is especially important with recent developments of new products coming on board and the International interests that are getting involved in a serious way.

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