Is It Worth Blogging And What About?

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Is it worth blogging And what about? We blog for business, personal, and something we feel strongly about. It is simply writing your story, a story, your opinion, and just about anything you can think of that has your attention.  The important thing is to start writing.


I read a friend’s blog and it reminded me that when you are stuck for something to write, simply talk about your Why.  Ask yourself…Why are you doing this?  Why did you choose the business you are in?  I continue with what you do presently and why.  How you started.

So Is it worth blogging?  Yes it is. What can blogging do for you?

Blogging brands you as and authority.  Each of us has a particular style which  comes out as you write or express your opinion,  talk about your business that you are in, or on a personal level.

There is also vlogging which means you tell your story or talk about your business through video.  This sometimes attract more attention because it is visual and like the movies people gravitate towards visual.

You always have something to write or talk about.  Think about it.

Did you learn something recently that you are enthusiastic about? Start writing! Share why you got interested, how you went about getting started, and what you learned from the experience.  You may well trigger a thought for someone to begin their journey to learn something and write about it.  In the process you build a following and that is called List building.  

You may have heard the saying in the online business that money is in the list. Well when you have a following and provide quality content, engaging with them,  you establish relationships that know like and trust you.  This means that when you have an offer you create or promote you have their attention.

I hope this answers the question: Is it worth blogging and what about.

To your success

Cosmos Parris

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