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IPRONetwork is built on a E-commerce, E-learning and E-currency platform.

Let me break it down for you.    But first after watching this video which gives you an understanding  of how to profit from Cryptocurrency, register to get your FREE Shopping App. Go shopping at stores you already shop at and earn procurrency (Proc). This applies to the USA only for the moment.  What I am excited about is that very shortly the International Mall and the Edge Klub will be launched.

Plan your future, plan your life 

Before going on I need to make it clear that IPRONetwork does not sell Cryptocurrencies. That would be illegal! Because they are not a Licensed Investment Broker.

IPRONetwork sells E-commerce training and with each of their packages come with training you can use to start a business. It is all about education and how to use it to your benefit. When you purchase a package you are rewarded with Free ecurrency (PROC). I hear you saying: What use will that be to me? You will understand even more in 2018 when all the products are launched. Procurrency is the currency that will be used to purchase goods and services on the IPRONetwork Mall. This then  allows you to get deep discounts on high end products, like those sold on Amazon and a wide range of stores.

How do you get Procurrency and how to use it?

There are 5 packages to choose from. The Basic Package purchase rewards you  with 100% procurrency at the value of the coin at time of purchase.   Of course the higher the package the more the procurrency reward.  One of our favourite packages is the iBuyrite store. The reason for this is that the niche stores are already preloaded with products and all you have to do is brand it to you and promote it and the products in your online store.  At the moment there are a choice of 4 Niche stores.

  • You can use your currency to purchase goods from the Mall a safer alternative to credit card. By using your procurrency (PROC) you are increasing its usability and therefore its value and demand. Much the same thing happened to Bitcoin. Vendors began realizing the value of its use and with more and more companies accepting bitcoin as payment its value soared and continue to increase. The difference here is Procurrency is the currency of choice to pay for your purchases and is based on a E-learning and E-commerce platform.
  • You can hold onto your coins while you learn and set up business based on your purchased package. As the value of the coin increases from its usability and demand you will reap the benefits.  How cool is that for receiving free coins!  This is not an overnight business.

More Products to be launched soon – some before the end of 2017:

  1. IPRONetwork University
  2. Shopping Mall
  3. Edge Klub
  4. Trading Software

And so much more to come.


I know some of you may be sceptical about what is happening to Bitcoin and thinking it won’t last. Maybe it will maybe it won’t maybe you will begin to see a fall off unless something magically happens. Why? You may have read that  a few companies are finding it expensive to use because of the mining of the coin. A friend recently tried withdrawing $84 and found that he had to pay $21 in fees.  He decided not to withdraw but instead to get rid of his coins. What would you do in that situation if you had bitcoins? This is why you need to check out IPRONetwork

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