Creating Your Future Now!

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Creating your Future Now

Is it possible to create your future now?  My answer to that is yes! Most certainly.

Your business and where you begin is squarely in your hands.

A brief history of my story

I had been involved in a business for 4 years that went bankrupt, or rather filed for bankruptcy and I lost a lot. Feeling somewhat at a loss and resorting to other businesses like Clickbank I had  left for this now bankrupt  business, a former team mate contacted me. Said he was paying it forward because he knew like others I had taken a beating, and encouraged me to join IPRONetwork.  I have to tell you that I was most reluctant.

I then decided to at least take a look because I said to myself “Nothing wrong with looking right?” So naturally, I talked myself into joining but not without a little push from my friend. It really cost me nothing to join.  Now I am so glad I did!

You see other businesses that were good choices required  you to join free for 7 days and pay monthly to upgrade to what would work or purchase a product in order to promote said product, or to get valuable training, and that is not all.  Honestly! that was above my pay grade.

What did I do?

I was in with the yearly ISA $50 paid.  What I found lead me to find ways of acquiring the basic package for $100 which rewarded me with 100% rebate bonus points. Now that is a Win Win pointing me in the direction of  picking up the pieces and begin to create my future.  Throughout the whole program there are many Wins especially with the compensation packages.  I think..Things happen for a reason.

Fast forward

Today I am so excited about coming onboard and partnering with IPRONetwork. It was the best decision I made in a long time online as a retired person.  How so? my reward points can be transferred to my Procurrency Wallet then from there converted to procurrency.  When the value of the  coin goes up I will have earned more than I spent for the package… I already have. All this if I choose not to use on the IPRONetwork Mall for deep discounts.

I can literally hear your brain ticking. How do you know your converted coins will go up in price?

That’s Easy! Mr. Kevin Harrington is on board with IPRONetwork promoting globally and being the face of this amazing company. The company is built on transparency, integrity for longevity on a stable platform carefully crafted and  disseminated.

To appreciate what I am talking about Go Here!.

The Top leaders in the company continue to work hard to make it happen and keep it happening.

Having purchased at least 3 International companies and are US compliant they take very seriously any of its members who break the rules of compliance. They continue to grow rapidly around the Globe with other companies wanting to partner with them, after researching and liking what they find.  Throughout the following months you will see the results.

IPRONetwork does not sell Cryptocurrencies. 

“IPRONetwork recently partnered up with Procurrency. Procurrency is a publicly traded cryptocurrency that was built for commerce, built for the retail space, for the online shopping space and is being backed by Mr. Kevin Harrington who has come on board as the Pro Currency global person and what he is doing is going out and working with major companies that are going to start accepting procurrency for their products and services.”

There are many packages from which to choose to start a business and you work at your own pace, hopefully putting in the work to create a successful business and create your future

There are still other packages to come on board creating more choices. The most recent is the e-trader software which IPRONetwork do not own but have been carefully testing with small groups of members at different times who are being trained to use and teach the use of the software. 

Finally, if you just want to be a customer register for our free Shopping software. Use it at all those places, Nordstrom, JC Penny, Amazon just to name a few, where you already shop and earn a percentage rebate in Procurrency.

Partner with me and IPROnetwork to create your future

Get started lets go3

Cosmos Parris

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